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DB9 output on ZXUNO +

Publicado: 03 Mar 2020, 22:05
por zx81zx81
Hi Folks,

I am trying to build my own DB9 output on ZXUNO+ to connect a Joystick and enjoy Atari 2600 core (since i didn't succeed to make it to work with the keyboard).

I was googling and looking here in this forum, but i was not able to find any hint or answer for the ZXUNO+.
There is an extension here https://www.antoniovillena.es/store/pro ... db9-addon/, but out of stock, that is using the extension connectors.

Código: Seleccionar todo

Ext1   [o] .... x17 [o]
        P01 .....   P17
 Ext2  [o] ... x16 [o]
 Ext3  [o] ... x16 [o]
I was able to find the pinout of the Ext1 connector using a multimeter :
Ext1 :
P01 - GND
P02 - Red
P03 - CSync
P04 - VSync
P05 - Bleu
P06 - Audio R
P07 - Audio L
P08 - Green

When i zoom the picture of the vgadb9-addon i am seeing connections between P09, P10 etc ... pins to the DB9 male connector.
So i suppose Up/Down/Left/Right/Fire signals are sitting somewhere around the P09 pins and next.

But, before to burn my ZXUNO+ i would like to know if someone has the official pinout of Ext1 ?

Any help would be appreciated :maestro:



Re: DB9 output on ZXUNO +

Publicado: 05 Mar 2020, 22:08
por antoniovillena

Here you have the eagle file for the edge expansion. So you can see where is mapped the joystick.

Re: DB9 output on ZXUNO +

Publicado: 07 Mar 2020, 00:31
por zx81zx81
Many thanks !

Re: DB9 output on ZXUNO +

Publicado: 19 Abr 2020, 00:29
por antoniovillena
I put here the pinout of that connector for people don't have Eagle installed.

Note: L-VGA and R-VGA are left and right audio channels respectively. VCC is 5V. ROUT, GOUT and BOUT are red, green and blue component for VGA and RGB Scart. The rest of the names PXX are equivalent to the LX9 FPGA pinout.