Advice on adding / replacing ZX Spectrum ROMs

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Advice on adding / replacing ZX Spectrum ROMs

Mensaje por kjones » 09 Nov 2019, 02:25


I would like to ask some advice on how to add / replace the individual spectrum roms in my ZX UNO, and the best or safest way to do this as I have not done this before.

I wish to add a couple of the ROMs which I do not have from: ... flash/roms

I have an ZX-UNO 4.1, updated firmware 0.72 and ZX spectrum core EXP26-19022018.

From instructions and some other posts I think I can either:
- Use the ZX1RomPack application. As I understand it, this would replace all the ROMs and can be done via SD card and would require some individual configuration using the tool.
- Obtain an individual Spectrum ROM and using the GenRom.exe tool create a TAP file to load via the ZX UNO EAR. I understand that this would be a better way to just add / replace individual ROMs.

For both cases I think I need to be careful to not remove the rooted ROM.

So can I simply take the ROMSs I am interested in from the link above, convert to TAP and load via EAR?

Would this be the best way to do this? Are there existing TAP files that can be used or is it easier just to create them using the GenRom.exe tool.

Thank you in advance for any advice!

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Re: Advice on adding / replacing ZX Spectrum ROMs

Mensaje por nihirash » 09 Nov 2019, 16:58

You may start any core as rooted via pressing '/' on keypad(border will change color).

But best way - make possible update roms via BIOS(just select rom-slot and select ROM-file). I don't know is there enought space for it in BIOS's rom.
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Re: Advice on adding / replacing ZX Spectrum ROMs

Mensaje por desUBIKado » 10 Nov 2019, 10:50

Hola kjones,

Yo siempre uso ZX Rom Pack tool. Me parece lo más cómodo usar esta herramienta para crear y actualizar mi colección de roms a mi gusto. Una vez creada una nueva versión solo tengo que usar el comando .ROMSUPGR para actualizar mi ZX-Uno. La aplicación es para Windows, pero yo la utilizo en Linux usando Wine.

Te dejo mi última versión de roms por si quieres trabajar en ella quitando y poniendo las roms que te apetezcan.

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