ZEsarUX-7.2 Beta

Software para o relacionado con el core ZX Spectrum / Software for or related to the ZX Spectrum core
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ZEsarUX-7.2 Beta

Mensaje por chernandezba » 19 Dic 2018, 20:42

He subido una nueva versión BETA de ZEsarUX 7.2
Puedes descargar una versión compilada para Mac o Windows desde:

Usuarios de Linux y otros sistemas, podéis compilar de código fuente.

Cambios en esta versión beta:

Version 7.2. 19 December 2018 - Neula edition

Added setting to specify configuration file

Improved menu environment:
* Added new menu window type: ZX Vision. GUI Windows can be moved, resized, scrolled, minimized, closed, and change the focus to the background
* Warning and Error window messages now show an animation

Added key to save text windows contents to a file
Added setting to send a final space after every word in the osd adventure keyboard
Added Dandanator CPC emulation
Added machine Amstrad CPC 4128

Improved ZRCP:
-commands smartload and snapshot-load are more intelligent now
-running in verbose or limit mode, or cpu-step command, can now update the display inmediately (having real video setting on)
Improved vu-meters: high volumes are shown in red
Improved sprite viewer: you can view sprites up to 512x512

Improved disassemble window:
*now you can export the disassemble to text file
*you can now see the full opcode when debugging Sinclair QL
*you can now show/hide hexadecimal dump of every opcode

Fixed visual glitches in some menus when Pentagon machine and real video: audio wave, visualmem, ay piano, wave piano, view sprites
Fixed visual glitches in some menus when interlaced enabled: audio wave, visualmem, ay piano, wave piano, view sprites
Fixed audio bug: sending a sample to the DAC by using Next registers, it wasn’t reseting the silence detection counter, so sound would probably be frozen (and repeated again, and again...)
Fixed autoload on tbblue (on normal and also fast boot mode)



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